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Course Director: Dr. Sue Reed, UWS

Director of Studies: Mr. Patrick Poon, Industrial Centre, PolyU. Phone: 852-27667594

Associate Director of Studies: Mr. Jonathan Chung, Industrial Centre, PolyU. Phone: 852-27667602

Project Supervisors: Research Interests, Specialism, Email Contacts, etc.



User ID: ic-posh, Password: posh123



Project Lists

Project Timetable

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Examples of Thesis

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Project Proposals

Project Supervisors

Project Guide


Bibliographic Database

Documents / Essential References

Unit Objectives & Outline Syllabus

Research Handbook, Rules & Regulations

Human Research Ethics, Policies, Application, Procedures

End of Project Report (Ethics Protocol)

Research Knowledge Base

Academic Writing

Referencing & Citation, by Megan Tranter

Assessment Criteria

Examples of Past Student Projects & Examples of Theses

Best 10 Projects of the year 2001, Year 2002, year 2003

Feedback / Comments on previous theses - extracts from Examiner's Reports

Follow-up upon receipt of the marked thesis

Graduation (Procedures and Application Requirement)



Project Lists

Project List POSH03 (updated 12 October 2005)

Project List POSH03a (updated July 2004)

Project List POSH02

Project List POSH01

Project List POSH00

Project List POSH99  

Project List POSH98

Project List POSH07b

Project List POSH97a

Project List POSH96




POSH2003 Project Timetable (EH850A)

Project Introductory Workshop

     EH850A unit outline

19 Nov 2004



18:30 - 22:00


HREC Application via WebCT - research proposal and instruments to be used should also be included

Download HREC

1 Feb 2005





Special  tutorial on HREC application by Dr. Sue Reed




14:30 - 15:30

Dr. Sue Reed

Progress Seminars to include literature review and methodology

Presentation Schedule

6 May 2005

7 May 2005

8 May 2005









18:30 - 21:30

09:00 - 17:00

09:00 - 14:00

Debra Moodie-Bin /

Dr Zina O'Leary

EH850A Project Seminars

Presentation Schedule

Oct / Nov 05





W502d / W502f

18:30 - 21:30

09:00 - 17:00


Debra Moodie-Bin /

Dr Zina O'Leary

Project submission

1 Dec 2005





Application to graduation

     It is most important for you to submit the Application to Graduation posted to you by SPEED on/before 17 November 2005 if you want to graduate in Australia in the coming year.



    22 Nov 2004

    Ceremony 3: 15:00

    The Convention Hall,

    Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre




Project kick-off workshop

What is research? What are project requirements

by Rob Mulley, Sue Reed, Zina O'Leary & Patrick Poon

HREC Application - Zina O'Leary

Ethical Responsibilities - Zina O'Leary

Project Proposals

Project Proposal: what is required (doc), SKP: 02/2002

Writing project proposals, theses and project reports

Project Supervisors

Project Supervisors, Research Interests, Specialism, Email Contacts, etc.

Proforma - to be completed by project students and returned to Patrick Poon by the middle of November.

Expectation of Project Student vs. Supervisor, Questionnaire (pdf version)


Project Guide 


November - December


Pre-project arrangement:

  1. Pre-project Seminar, early November

  2. Distribute proforma to project students, early November

  3. Read the Research Handbook to understanding the project requirements

  4. Choose a good topic for your project

  5. Choose a supervisor from the "Project Supervisors List", and make initial contact to secure an agreement on supervision arrangement.

  6. Return the 'proforma' to the Industrial Centre before mid of November

  7. IC to announce the project supervision arrangement

  8. SPEED to issue appointment letters to supervisors

Pre-project readings:

Research Handbook

Online project information, timetable and related email correspondence available at WebCT

Research Methods at "Research Knowledge Base"


The seven steps of the searching process

The article outlines a simple and effective strategy for finding information for a research paper and documenting the sources you find. Depending on your topic and your familiarity with the library, you may need to rearrange or recycle the steps to suit.

The Paradox: Research as Practice and Practice as Research

Frances Ricks, Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Victoria, British Columbia, November 2002.  Prepared for the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations, presented at the 2nd National Research Symposium on the Voluntary Sector, January 24, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario.

"The thought of "researchers" conjures up images of human beings that appear cold, aloof, objective, rational, serious, and therefore unfeeling and less caring.  In contrast, practitioners are viewed as warm, intuitive, subjective, empathic, social, and therefore, feeling caring human beings.  In terms of intelligence, the researchers are viewed as having intellectual intelligence or the faculty of reasoning, thinking and knowing, while the practitioners are viewed as having emotional intelligence or the faculties of self-awareness and intuition, social skills, and empathy." -- Frances Ricks

The paper attempts to make explicit and historically grounded artificial and superficial distinction between research and practice.  Further, the paper identifies some of the new ways of thinking about research within practice that are emerging along with new methodologies and reporting strategies for conducting research and practice.



Jan - Feb

  1. Formulate research ideas and develop a project proposal.

  2. Submit an initial project proposal to your supervisor using the given

    template: Project Proposal

  3. Include in the proposal your research questions for discussion with your supervisor.

Project Meeting (1st week of Feb.):

  1. Discussion on project requirements, proposed timeframe of the project, Assessment criteria and supervisor's expectation.

  2. Resources available (e.g. How to access this web-page, the POSH Library, OESS Library, PolyU Library, sample theses, etc.)

  3. Discussion on the proposed research questions.

  4. Briefing on literature review.

Important Date(s)


1 Feb 2005:

Project Proposal

HREC Application Research proposal and instruments to be used should be included in your HREC application.




Effective ways of taking notes

Note-taking, an example

Writing a Thesis / Project Report




Project Meeting (1st week of March)

  1. Project members to present their project proposal

  2. Review research topic and objectives

  3. Further discussion on literature review and research methods. (What is the expected outcome of literature review? What is the relation of literature review to the objectives and research method?)

  4. Project members to prepare a project outline. See samples as follows:

Low water hazards with shell boilers

Comparison of Current Safety Management Practice adopted by local oil companies


Project Gallery



This page consists of a gallery of projects put together by the project students and staff aiming to provide living examples for online peer reviews. Each of these projects is a growing document and we encourage you to explore it as much as you like.


Research Synthesis Gallery - This page consists of a gallery of Web projects put together by the students in Program Evaluation and Research Design at Cornell University. Each of these projects is a critical synthesis of currently available web sites in a specific topical area of interest to the student. Students were instructed to search the web for the best web resources to address their topical interest and to emphasize especially any research issues or web sites that were relevant. Papers are listed by topical area.




Progress Seminar Presentation - examples of PowerPoint Presentation

Research into Safety Audit in Small Construction Co. in Hong Kong, Cecilia Fung, POSH98

Occupational Health Risks Related to Cable Laying Works, WH Fung, POSH96

Critical Study of Hazardous Processes in IC Packaging Industry, Phillip T. M. Choi, POSH98

The Exploration of the Determinants Leading to the Adoption of Safety Behavioral Intention of Registered Electrical Workers, Ir. Chan Yiu-hon, Supervisor by Dr. Kam Chi-kit, Charles. 2 November 2003

Progress Seminars:

Timetable, see Online project timetable and related email correspondence available at WebCT

Feedback from Sue Reed on Progress Seminar (For reference only)

Summary: Feedback/comments on Progress Seminar (For reference only)

Important Date(s)


Late April / Early May (Please refer to WebCT for announcement of detailed timetable):

Progress Seminars to include literature review and methodology






Project Meeting:

  1. Present project outlines for group discussion

  2. Discuss problems arising from HREC application

  3. Prepare an abstract for the thesis and submit it to the Supervisor by end of May

  4. Prepare a write-up on literature review

  5. Outline the method for the research and link it up with the objectives and the outcome of the literature review.


June - October


Project Meetings: (to be arranged with individual project students)


Important Date(s)


Application for Graduation

Make timely application for graduation. (See "Graduation" on related UWS Information Page) Dates of graduation in Hong Kong and Australia to be advised.


Early November

Project Seminars

Please check the related email correspondence available at WebCT and the timetable available online.


After project seminars

Submit "Ethics Protocol"

Researchers / project students are required to provide a brief Report to the Committee/Panel outlining the implementation of the ethics protocol using the "Report Form" provided by UWS at the completion of the project.






Final Project Seminars

Examples of PowerPoint Presentation

Crane safety management: enhancing compliance through regular inspections, by Steve Howarth. December 2001



Deadline for submission of Theses: 1 December


February (the following year)

Submission of two (2) permanently bound Theses. For students graduating in Australia in April 2003, you need to submit the bound theses by 12 Feb 2003. 

Refer to Research Handbook for details. Sample cover may be found here.



Project Gallery

Academic writing links. This site belongs to the Language Teaching Center at the Central European University in Budapest Hungary.

Design Questionnaires, PPT, Gary Ma

Managing Chaos in Report Writing, SKP

Managing Chaos, PPT, SKP


Statistics - an Electronic Textbook StatSoft, Inc. Electronic Statistics Textbook.

The Statistics Homepage, StatSoft, Inc. 01/2002

Research Methods Knowledge Base by William M. Trochim

Bibliographic Database



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