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Radiation Protection & Radon



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  • Integrated Environmental Management
    Informative primer on radon, its progeny, measurement and risks. Extensive information on radioactivity and radiation, exposure and risks.

  • Uranium - The Deadliest Metal
    A detailed paper on uranium, its radioactive products, mining, and radiation risks to people issued by the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (1992). The health risks even at the low radon levels in homes.

  • UIC - Radiation and Life
    Illustrated primer on radiation all around us. Origins and types of radiation. Ionising, cosmic, background and man-made radiation. Radon contributes 48% of the radiation dose to people in Australia. Uranium Information Center, 1998.


  • EPA Publications on Indoor Radon
    Complete publications list, descriptions and links. Informative EPA Guides for citizens, consumers, home buyers and sellers, physicians, and tenants. Radon prevention in construction, schools. Measurement protocols. Links to regional Radon Offices.

  • Virtual Hospital: Radon Occurrence and Health Risk
    Comprehensive article on radon. Radon progeny, the decay chain and radiation. Lung cancer risks. Occupational and residential limits. Geographic radon potential. Waterborne radon. (June 1999)